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Handy Cooler - Mini Air ConditionerFull Handy Cooler set The patented genuine and authentic version. Do not be fooled by knockoff imitations.Use the Handy Cooler at the park Portable and convenient cooling for those with active lifestyles.

This is the authentic Handy Cooler, as featured in MIT's exclusive Technology Review magazine. Cool yourself at the flick of a button with the first ever hand-held evaporative cooling fan on the market. Featuring efficient & compact design, precision-fit components, and sturdy construction, the Handy Cooler allows you to enjoy yourself in comfort no matter what temperature conditions you have to deal with.

Years of unique engineering research experience have been spent optimizing the design of the Handy Cooler to deliver cooling performance in a compact, convenient package. Use it at home, at school, in the office, at sporting events, on trips – Handy Cooler can go wherever you need a breeze of cool, refreshing air!

15 knot breeze cools air up to 30°F (subject to ambient temperature and humidity)30dB whisper-soft turbine is quiet, appropriate for sleep or office use.Just add water to activate patented air conditioning feature.Exceptionally versatile – use hand-held, desktop, attach to any surface; airflow adjustable through 90 degrees.Runs on 4 AA batteries or USB connection.1-year manufacturer's warranty.Available in stylish black, blue, or pink.Handy Cooler Evaporative Cooling Technology Patented air cooling process delivers cool air up to 30°F cooler than ambient environment.Cools air up to 30F Quick and easy setup. Wet the cooling filter and you are good to go.

Similar to large air cooling units and swamp coolers, the Handy Cooler utilizes the principles of 'evaporative cooling'. To activate the air cooler, you simply need to wet the included cellulose cooling filter and Handy Cooler will do the rest.

The turbine draws air through the moistened filter, directing the cool air onto you. The process transforms uncomfortable hot air into a cool breeze (up to 30°F cooler) that refreshes and satisfies you.

The cooling performance may not be as powerful as compressor-based air conditioners, but if you are looking for a lightweight and portable solution to take around anywhere, evaporative cooling is the only option!

NOTE: Optimum cooling performance achieved under hot and dry environments.

Special care was taken to ensure that the Handy Cooler design looks as good as it performs. The ergonomic grip is comfortable to use all day in hand-held mode, with a special texture for improved sensation; the padded hand strap keeps the unit secure and prevents slippage. The high-quality plastics used are strong for durability, while maintaining lightweight properties to prevent fatigue. We designed this to encourage you to take Handy Cooler with you wherever you need it – carry it easily in a purse or sports bag while on the go.

Unlike knockoff imitations, Handy Cooler’s precision components ensure proper function. In contrast to the knockoff replicas, our cellulose cooling filter is designed to fit tightly in its casing – without any gaps that may cause air leakage or reduced cooling capability. Our cellulose cooling filters are treated with an anti-bacterial compound to ensure your health when using the device. Filter replacements are shrink wrapped to guarantee freshness and unmatched quality.

This is not a misting fan, neither you nor your clothing will get wet. No pumping is required, Handy Cooler is fully automatic.

Handy Cooler is easy to use and specially designed to be ready at a moment's notice to provide you with cool, fresh, and clean air. The humidified airflow is also great for your skin and may be helpful for those who suffer from asthma or chronic breathing ailments.

Handy Cooler – Cools air, cools you, anywhere.

NOTE: Requires water to be added every 1-2 hours. Unit will still operate as a normal fan (without cooling function) without water. Battery duration lasts approximately 4 hours at max power.

Handy Cooler FeaturesHandy Cooler Temperature Cooling Performance

Find out how much Handy Cooler can cool the air by (in °F) under a given temperature and ambient relative humidity!

Handy Cooler AC Adapter Home Adapter for Handy Cooler Handheld Air Cooler (6v Wall Socket)Handy Cooler Cooling Filters

Replacement Cooling Filters for Handy Cooler Handheld Air Cooler

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