LG 6,000 BTU Low Profile Window Air Conditioner LP6000ER (Kitchen) tagged "air conditioner" 8 times

I special ordered this because consumer reports gave it good reviews on both sound and operation.

From an operation standpoint, it is absolutely amazing. You could even say it works too well - cooling the room down to 70 when you set it at 75. It has great features, and will retain its settings if the power blinks.

However, the problem with this unit is noise. First, the unit is so large that it shakes everything around it. In an old house with old windows, even a tightly secured unit of this size will cause rattles. But, this is easily fixed and not the main problem.

The first few months it was nearly silent (probably the reason consumer reports gave it a good review), but now it is so noisy it often wakes me up at night. When the compressor is running it makes this annoying and loud swishing sound. The filter lid also ends up rattling.

In the end I'm going to have to trash this unit I think, because it is simply too loud. This is too bad, because it works so amazingly well, and looks very stylish.

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