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Handy Cooler is the perfect travel/everyday must-have. It weighs a little over 4 ounces I would say. The size of the handy cooler is astonishing for an air cooler. It is about the size of a water bottle and the handle fits very well. I love how you can adjust the angle of the blowout direction. The air that comes out is cooler than fans, and it doesn't come off too strong. However, don't expect it to be as cold as and as powerful as a full-size AC.


It works by evaporation. For cool air, you need to wet the sponge with the mini-bottle provided or wet it with water over the sink. I think it might even be a good idea to put it in the fridge for a while so that the air that comes out is even cooler.


It can be powered by plugging it into a computer with the USB cord provided, or by 4 AA batteries which lasts about 5 hours. You can even purchase a 6V wall adapter for it.


- cooler than the most fans

- great design

- humidified air

- easy to use

- portable


09/10: Recommended

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Rahul Kataria said...

wow nice Air conditioner having good quality.According to me it is a best product.

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