Haier HWR10XC6 10,000-BTU Window Air Conditioner with Remote Control (Kitchen) tagged "air conditioner" 8 times

I just moved into a new apartment, and - while the prior tenants had just bought a new air conditioner, it wasn't powerful enough (FYI; air conditioners can ONLY cool ONE room - and they really can't blow air around corners, so whenever you're looking for ANY a.c., always figure out what the square footage of your space is, and buy one that has the proper BTU's accordingly. You don't want an a.c. that doesn't have enough BTU's for your space).

As it's always best to buy an air conditioner before summer, I wanted to get one now, that would do my large living room justice, and not have it 'straining' at it's top setting, just to make the room 'bearable'.

I had a Haier previously (and the previous tenants had bought a Haier as well). I like them - they're economical, and they perform well.

I found this one here at Amazon, and the price (for that BTU's) was very good for me. That's really my main concern (as well as the EER. You should always look for the best EER possible, because it means it'll cost you less to run it). The fact that this air conditioner comes with a remote was only an added plus.

Some nice features are it's got a humidity setting, and I always liked air conditioners that you could set by TEMPERATURE - and NOT by LOW, MED, HIGH). It's more accurate, and also means, you'll have the machine operate ONLY when it reaches an uncomfortably high temperature (the government suggests 77?).

At this point, I'd just like to make reference to another person's comment regarding the energy saver mode (he said - rightfully - that the a.c. turns off longer than 3 minutes). It DOES - HOWEVER, while I believe that's a mistake on HAIER's part regarding printing, what energy saver DOES do is it gets your room to several degrees below what you've set the a.c. for. It then cycles off UNTIL it reaches a degree below or so to what you set it for. This is NOT a fault of the machine. It's a GREAT MONEY SAVING feature. If you'd feel better, you can always turn off the energy saver feature and let it chug along non-stop. But once you understand WHAT it's DOING, you'll feel better knowing it IS saving you money.

Put all this together in a nice, compact, window size (with added extendible side-fins to fit bigger windows) makes this Haier a winner.

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