Frigidaire FRA065AT7 6000-BTU Mini Compact Window Air Conditioner (Kitchen) tagged "air conditioner" 10 times

The first two days I fell in love with this thing. It cooled off the room within minutes and I couldn't hear much more than a rush of air as it operated with a slight hum.

So, on the third day I'm laying in bed and it sounds almost like the fan is grinding against something or rattling/scratching. I check everything out, all clear. Turn it on, and a few minutes later I hear the same sound. It's not a constant sound, but sort of pulsating and rather annoying compared to how quiet it was the first couple days. Quiet hum...rattle rattle...quiet hum...rattle scratch...It was definitely not like this initially and I ran it on energy saver for 3 days straight.

The other complaint I have is the packaging. The power cord comes in a long plastic sheath for protection I guess. Well, whoever packed mine at the factory wrapped the cord all the way up into the unit to where it was secured with screws. I had no way to get the plastic off without taking the thing apart, so I ended up cutting it off with scissors and HOPING it doesn't start a fire. I have no idea if they put the plastic all the way up into the electric contacts or what, but it's still embedded in the unit. I'd have to somehow take the entire front cover off and take the screws out of the piece of plastic securing the power cord to remove it. Why would someone do this? Was it the same person responsible for building my unit that now has a rattle?

Apparnetly I just got a lemon put together by people who don't care about their jobs. You'd think quality control would notice something like this, but I guess they don't care either. I gave it 3 stars because I'm sure there are people at the factory who do a good job and put out good units according to the other reviews. I wouldn't know personally.

EDIT: I got a replacement unit from Amazon, and the noise is even worse! It started making the scratching/sputtering sounds after the first 1/2 hour or so. My bedroom is completely quiet, and who the heck can sleep with that sort of noise? And this second unit also makes loud ticking. I assume it's water dripping or something. But every few seconds I ear...TICK...DRIP. At least the first one didn't do that. And the dripping sound is even louder than the scratching sound.

Maybe if someone has this unit in a room with lots of noise they won't notice as much. But in this small, quiet room it's completely unacceptable. I imagine that's where most people will put these. The plastic bag over the power cord is also all screwed up inside the unit and I can't remove it, just like the first one. They must have come from the same lot. They were probably on the same pallet. The person assembling them just embedded the plastic bag up inside the unit where the electrical wires attach, which can't be all that safe. Crazy.

This thing is going back also. I'm never buying another air conditioner by Frigidaire again. I think I'll try a small Kenmore even if it's more expensive since the big one in my living room has never given me these kinds of problems. I would delete this review and repost with only one star but I'm not sure if they'd let me put a new one up. Don't get this scratchy, drippy thing unless it will be used in a noisy room.

EDIT: I recently got the Kenmore 5200 BTU model from Sears (which is pretty much identical to this unit in design with subtle differences; they must have the same manufacturer), and after 3 days I'm not experiencing any annoying sounds. No loud scratching or sputtering. No dripping of any sort. Just a consistent, quiet hum when in the cooling cycle. I'm very happy with this unit. I guess the two Frigidaires I had were duds. The Kenmore is a little more than I paid for the Frigidaire at the time, but it's definitely worth it. I wish I saved myself the headache and got that to begin with. It gets my room just as cold and I can sleep! Too bad it also has that loud beep when changing settings, but that I can live with.

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